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Took her out for a walk running on five hours of sleep, we’re both a little tired.

19.Apr.14 19 hours ago
19.Apr.14 19 hours ago

We continued the birthday festivities because there wasn’t school. We met up at Dave and busters and played air hockey with a 15 dollar card. Then we went bowling instead of seeing a movie because some of us already watched captain America, I got second place, after that we went to Johnny rocket’s to eat and it was my first time. Wasn’t disappointed but the service was kinda terrible, anyways, I had a really good night :)

P.s not everyone who was with me tonight is in this photo but I just liked it so much, I couldn’t resist not posting it.

And this is the most recent picture of me in my new chiodos hoodie. It’s so comfy, I slept like a baby in it.

I ordered this sweater on my birthday this Monday and it actually arrived pretty fast

Throwback to my school’s merica’ day for seniors. My friend said I looked Buddhist in my attire during rehearsal practice.

This was on the last production day of hairspray, we had an amazing finale. Anyways, I was casted as Mr. Corny Collins. These are my Von Tussles (who shake their fanny muscles).

I had such a good day. So okay it was early release, and they (the pseudo important students in the school and the activities director) planned to have a movie night for us honor roll kids, that was pretty cool of them, except we didn’t really have a choice in which movie they’ll show. Mind you, I had a copy of frozen and the dark knight rises in my bookbag but no, they played captain American to save themselves the trouble of having to handle a voting system. Whatever, anyways, we watched captain America on the the huge smart board in the auditorium and they ordered like 20 boxes of pizza which was super cool. They also had lunch cookies, the ones that give me stomach aches, but I got three anyways (saved one for a friend because she didn’t get honor roll because of math and I’ve been buying her cookies since the beginning of the year so I wanted to keep the tradition going and make her day better) so yea, I kinda cheated and got two slices each time I went around because I had some inside people -wink wink- and to my demise I had a stomach ache later. Okay, so let’s get to later, every early release you’re supposed to go with your closest friends and get lunch at the local food places. My friend got ditched by hers because her friend has a new boyfriend and she probably wanted to get some so yea, I incorporated her to my group and we all went to meet up with an old friend of ours who had to transfer schools at Starbucks. After that we went to this local Mexican place and we all ordered quesadillas, just to be safe. After that, and many details, I went to my friend’s house to work on a script and we got some work done, we spent the rest of the time watching French YouTube videos. Anyways, it was a really good day, and tomorrow there’s no school and I’m planning to continue the festivities of my birthday and go to the mall with a group of friends. It’s going to be great.

17.Apr.14 2 days ago

How is Chiodos that good, even after all these years,they’ve been such a persistent band. And not only that but they have such an infectious stage presence as well. They’re what every band should aspire to be like, they never disappoint, they are love.

17.Apr.14 2 days ago
17.Apr.14 2 days ago


Expensive Conversations In Cheap Motels (Empty Arena) » Chiodos

17.Apr.14 2 days ago

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I love sitting in a train. Sure, you can listen to music everywhere but in a train … I don’t know. The way the nature passes and the thoughts begin to flow without even knowing it … it’s something really special. And I love the feeling. Sometimes I think there’s nothing better than sitting in a train and doing nothing but listen to some really good music that breaks your heart.

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